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It has been a pretty hectic period since last year November but this “year-in-and-year-out” is also my favourite period of time throughout a year as there are many exciting festivals lined up. The past Christmas my favourite part is I got to dine in the one and only Bollinger Room in Hong Kong at a topnotch venue, Maison Eight. We went for a sumptuous 8 courses menu kick started with 2 rounds of free flow champagne, just to chat along and indulged in the Bollinger Room, surrounded by enchanting contemporary

A haute dining and party spot right in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Central, CÉ LA VI has already made a debut in HK before it officially land at the top of California Tower. Occupying 3 floors at probably the best spot in the LKF, this place has continuously been boosting one of the best luxury nightlife scene in town with phenomenal food, exceptional cocktails and extravagant parties. For this summer, CÉ LA VI launched a new lunch menu which offers exquisite Asian inspired cuisine that marks an edgy

One thing I love about Chinese cuisine is that each province has their very own style and flavour influenced by their part of culture. Speaking of the famous Sichuan cuisine, presented in a full array of different styles and forms where Chengdu style involved the richest combination of aftertastes in which people call it the authentic taste of Sichuan. To look for this kind of authentic taste of Sichuan in Hong Kong, the Sichuan House in Central is definitely one of my favourite to-go. Before you make your way to Sichuan

This is the kind of story that usually happens when the celebrity or Michelin Starred chef forsakes their power from a restaurant, the halo of the place fades like a downfall angel. It is not fresh news about Mr. Harlan Goldstein leaving The Penthouse and what goes around comes around, his up-and-coming new concepts are soon to be launched this year. That given a little opening of this review. After my last dining experience at The Penthouse when Harlan was the Executive Chef, that was a sumptuous one no doubt. Right

You will never failed to look for some thumbs-up restaurants on the main streets in Hong Kong but those which are located in the far end or hidden in the alleys sometimes are the places-to-go to surprise your taste bud. Omakase(お任せ), means “I’ll leave it up to you” a.k.a. a menu selected by the chef. Believe it or not, hereby I would like to walk you through a heavenly-good omakase journey I have ever had in town at Sushi Man(鮨文). And yes, Sushi Man is located in the far end

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