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Had an impulse some day to put together this “mood board” with all my Summer favourites and essentials. I am actually been commit to some of them for years and they are still my beloved goodies. Let me introduce them one by one from top to bottom and left to right! ST. TROPEZ  gradual tan – My favourite self-tanning product so far to help me keep that sun kissed tan when I am too busy and have no time to play with the sun. It is the less “smelly” and

It’s almost everyone’s dream to come back to a smell-good and stylish decorated home after a long day of work, since not everyone could afford to change an apartment every a few years or perhaps don’t be bother to refurbish your house either, what about just to add on or change a few fashionable decorations in the house to freshen up your private space? With a very high possibility the most straight-forward answer would be IKEA, I like IKEA because they just simply got everything you need to set up

A hit wave just sweep across the fashion industry, Pantone Color Institute chosen two colors but not just one colors of the year 2016, Rose Quartz a down toned pale pink and Serenity close to but not quite as baby blue. It’s the very first time Pantone has picked out two colors of a year since 1999 and these two colors are quite harmoniously matching. Yet, they are just basically pink and blue to somebodies though. I love these two colors even more with the saying from the interview of

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Throwback 2015, one of the most not-to-be-missed events in HK, the Clockenflap, a three days in a row music and culture triumph. I teamed up with SOS and curated this highlight video during Clockenflap 2015. Did you enjoy yourself as much as I did? And which part is your favourites? A little teaser leading towards an up-and-coming lifestyle program me and SOS are working on. STAY TUNED for more xx Cinematography, Art Direction, Edit by SOS Music credit to m-flo+MNDR Young & Restless


Right before the most festive month, MICHAEL KORS proudly debuts it’s first ever social shopping feature which inspired by our daily life that flooded by social media gigs, yes, I am talking about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Well now Instagram means much more than just posting up selfies or wefies since MICHAEL KORS introduces us a new way of shopping experience: Like it, Shop it, Own it. This is as simple as what you do daily on Instagram! Sign up on, LIKE any new-ups on MICHAEL KORS’s instagram with #InstaKors,

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