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Had an impulse some day to put together this “mood board” with all my Summer favourites and essentials. I am actually been commit to some of them for years and they are still my beloved goodies. Let me introduce them one by one from top to bottom and left to right! ST. TROPEZ ¬†gradual tan – My favourite self-tanning product so far to help me keep that sun kissed tan when I am too busy and have no time to play with the sun. It is the less “smelly” and

Smell the sexyness

How would you choose a suitable perfume? Some people choose brand over the flavour, some people choose base on their instant impression to the smell. I have two to three usual body fragrances but they never “one smell fits all”. What type of occasions, what time I plan to wear the perfume and how do I dress are the matching techniques to choose the perfume of the day. The ever sweet and sexy Victoria’s Secret released the latest perfume Glamour with a mix of fruity floral that dresses your day

MJ yourself

Many more fashion designers are keen to expand their passion in aesthetic and creativity to other fields, most likely towards beauty. The recent one by Marc Jacobs, this very much anticipated designer cosmetic line is debuting on 9th of August, first released on This is surely gonna excited all fans of MJ! This is a pretty massive cosmetic collection including 122 products in 4 categories: Smart Complextion, Blacquer, Hi-Per Color and Boy Tested Girl Approved. From foundation to nail polish, interesting names offering playful popping colors. New add-ins to

It’s too bad that we lost SEPHORA in HK! Although we have many (or may be an exccessive amount of) beauty outlets here in HK, their branding strategies and product merchandising are vary from what SEPHORA has been offering in the US for many years. Was a devil surprise for my recent eat+play+tan trip to Malaysia bumping into SEPHORA Starhill store. Didn’t really plan to do shopping during this relax trip but couldn’t mange to stop by and find some good stuffs. *wink* Got my all time favorite tinted lip

Welcome back philosophy! Yes, philosophy moved out our town for almost 10 years and now it’s back in town with hoorays. Philosophy, the sephora top-seller is officially relaunching in HK this summer… July (my birthday month)! There is always a lot of readings to do with philosophy, not the instructions or ingredients but a small inspirational paragraph on the products which open up your soul to experience the beauty philosophy. Philosophy believes true beauty is to live with peace and joy which is so right. Bring to you sensual beauty

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