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    [ Wardrobe by Juicy Couture, swimwear by Maxii Mode ] The very first time adding my footprints on Vietnam and it was a shooting trip with renowned travel magazine U Magazine. 10 days, 3 cities, 6 stars resort and only 3 of us. Been through dehydrated from diarrhea, climbed up ladder on a cliff to get the best shot, catching up schedule under the heat and rain, and yet got to relax and experience in luxury resorts and spas behind the scene was defo worth for the whole

One of the advantages about residing in HK is there are heaps of choices for you whenever you spontaneously feel like a short getaway. Macau, seems to be one of the nearest and easiest-accessible location where I first think of. However, bearing a name of “mini Vegas” Macau is well-known as a gambling city where there are casinos more than 7-Elevens. Woah, to kick away the daily hassle-buzzle I would just need a relax and light entertaining atmosphere, and this is what I found from the Sofitel Ponte 16 located right

It’s too bad that we lost SEPHORA in HK! Although we have many (or may be an exccessive amount of) beauty outlets here in HK, their branding strategies and product merchandising are vary from what SEPHORA has been offering in the US for many years. Was a devil surprise for my recent eat+play+tan trip to Malaysia bumping into SEPHORA Starhill store. Didn’t really plan to do shopping during this relax trip but couldn’t mange to stop by and find some good stuffs. *wink* Got my all time favorite tinted lip

[Gourami tropical bikini, Celiné sunglasses, Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill shower gel and lotion, Clarins after-sun, Banana Boat tanning oil, Aldo embroidery necklace] Guess all of you knew that although how much you love suntanning you should stay away from that toxic sunlight from 12 noon to 2pm. Not even if you want to get a deep tan skin tone like Naomi Campbell you don’t get the privilege to enjoy deadly sunlight during that 2 hours. I love suntanning which gives me a little sunkissed skin tone which looks healthier

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