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Off to my second home Australia for a getaway holiday a while ago, only staying in Sydney this time. It’s really a bit disappointed when the weather didn’t treat me very well throughout the whole trip… (Australia meant to be a place where everyone looking forward to throw yourself into sunny days and beach time isn’t it?) but I am glad that I had a good time with family. Already planning another Aussie trip so figercrossed for some bright and shine sunny days next time. Enjoy the photo diary! Jouir

Neon glow

I’m so glad to be back on this beautiful Aussie land for this Easter! It’s just so great to getaway and take a deep breath of the fresh-than-ever clean air which makes it much worthy of giving up a few working opportunities because of this trip. Anyway, good opportunities will always come with positive thinking right? Not the first time to be in Sydney, I’m looking forward to explore some new places, new scenery and of course some new boutiques for this time.  Sydney is now stepping into Autumn, high-raised sunshine

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