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Dine in the Bollinger Room: Maison Eight

It has been a pretty hectic period since last year November but this “year-in-and-year-out” is also my favourite period of time throughout a year as there are many exciting festivals lined up. The past Christmas my favourite part is I got to dine in the one and only Bollinger Room in Hong Kong at a topnotch venue, Maison Eight.

The Christmas menu presents the art of authentic French cuisine, and with a breeze of Asian influence I reckon.

First appetiser: Smoked lamb loin, avocado brunoise with a twist of lime

We went for a sumptuous 8 courses menu kick started with 2 rounds of free flow champagne, just to chat along and indulged in the Bollinger Room, surrounded by enchanting contemporary charisma created and a live band performance streamed from the bar outside.

Hokkaido scallops & caviar medley with smooth pureed pumpkin

Scallop and pumpkin pureed are two of the ingredients I’d love to have in a menu, as always, so having this Hokkaido scallops as the opener was a pretty delightful choice. Scallops seared beautifully with a lovely golden crispy outside, this would be just perfect if the scallops can off pan 10 sec earlier.

Terrine de foie gras, crisp & soft of brioche & Sauternes aspic

Sauternes sweet wine jelly created an impeccable symphony with the foie gras, just like Christmas ornaments highlighting the festival. The coldness and jelly texture pairing with terrine brought an interesting contrast when it came into my mouth and I loved it so much.

Apple sweet braised venison ravioli, vanilla oil & beurre blanc

I admitted that I wasn’t paying a good attention to the wordings on menu before dinner is served as the ambience was totally spoiling me and I didn’t have enough mental preparation when I found out this is a “Bambi” dish… Oh well, the adventurous and curiosity of a foodie took over me right away and I ate them all. Braised venison’s texture is a bit like beef but slightly gruffer. Vanilla oil is a bit overwhelmed and yet I glad the caramelised apple presents a balance of the gaming flavour and greasy bit of part.

Here comes a very interesting dish with tuna and urchin, it looks volume with stacks of layers yet a bit overwhelmed. The tuna tandem could have been showing more colour from the chef and the seaweed underneath is way too salty for me, this dish is like a masterpiece of Van Gogh for me which I probably not nimble enough to understand the creativity behind it. Bespoke cocktail in Maison Eight has never failed me, excuse me that I forgot the name of this pretty-in-pink cocktail but the sweetness and acidity was just perfect to give a balance in between dishes. Move on to the fish course, Mmm, it’s very difficult to please me with fish and not this one either I guess.

Millefenille of veal loin & lobster “au poivre” on asparagus & Marsala dressing

I have quite an expectation when the server introduced me the last course though I would be convinced if the plating could be more attentive. Lobster poached pretty well, the buttery-er the merrier for me indeed. If I was lucky enough to have a piece of better cut of veal with that fingerlicious gravy and that would be excellent. Oh and that little drop of citrusy puree actually enlighten the whole dish and I love it a lot.

This 8 courses dining experience ended up with a dessert platter at the ravishing terrace and of course, wouldn’t call it a perfect night without a few more signature cocktails curated the amazing bar team. Verdict for this night is, all dishes were pretty good and the service in house was impressive I reckon yet more finesse are presumed to show on the food itself. After all, I would love to come back again for their updated day-to-day menu next. Join me?

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