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Edgy lunch spot in Central: CÉ LA VI


A haute dining and party spot right in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Central, CÉ LA VI has already made a debut in HK before it officially land at the top of California Tower. Occupying 3 floors at probably the best spot in the LKF, this place has continuously been boosting one of the best luxury nightlife scene in town with phenomenal food, exceptional cocktails and extravagant parties. For this summer, CÉ LA VI launched a new lunch menu which offers exquisite Asian inspired cuisine that marks an edgy lunch spot in Central.

Crispy Rice

Crispy Rice

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll


Octopus Ceviche

Creamy Prawn

Creamy Prawn

Headed to CÉ LA VI for lunch earlier and tried out their new executive lunch set. The midday began with a few delicious starters, the Crispy Rice was a total surprise for me, loving the crunchy texture and golden fried aroma it gave in my mouth, the spiciness from the spicy tuna on top kicks in right after and put it a very interesting opening for the lunch. If you prefer something more traditional, the Spicy Tuna Roll would be the alternative choice for you, without crunchy rice block, similar well-seasoned spicy tuna brightly accentuated this Japanese sushi roll. There is only 1 cold starter choice on the executive lunch set menu being Octopus Ceviche, the octopus were well braised and very easy to chew with yet I would prefer adding slightly a bit more sourness to the dish and serve at a cooler temperature. Coming to the Creamy Prawn, it looks quite different as I imagined by its name, Putting it in my own word as a Sichuan style prawn tempura which delivered a tempting sweet and sour with a just-right deep fried crunchiness.


Given a modern Asian menu here at CÉ LA VI lead by executive chef Philip Pak who came with an impressive Japanese cuisine background, the menu shines with an elegance and creative touch of Japanese and Korean style. Bold Asian colors also symmetrically echo with the sleek and contemporary tropical-inspired interior design.


Miso Black Cod. Baby Corn & Mushrooms.

Moving on to the main part, I have ordered myself Miso Black Cod from the set. I don’t usually pick fish if there is other meat options on the menu but I gave it a go for one of my favourite type of fish, cod fish. Verdict? It’s deliciously yummy! The cod being cooked perfectly, left it super smooth and moist while the miso climaxed the flavour of the dish, apparently one of the top best miso marinated cod dishes I have ever had!

Salmon Ssamjang

Salmon Ssamjang

I have also try out the Salmon Ssamjang, grilled salmon with Korean spicy sauce and white kimchi. Loving the idea of pairing salmon and Ssamjang which you don’t normally find elsewhere. Cooked salmon may appeared to be too fishy when it’s not being handled well and it turns dry when it’s left on the pan any few minutes over. Dipping and eating it with Ssamjang enriched the salmon’s flavour and beautifully elevated a western grilled salmon dish with Korean finesse. For those diners who are able to eat spicy food like me, I guess increasing a little bit more spiciness would add a heavenly kick on the whole, may be?

Chef Philip pairing both fish dishes with rich and tasteful sauces coherent to their heavy fatty meat texture, sophisticatedly marrying a heavy taste with heavy taste. Charmingly presenting a light dish with bountiful impeccable flavours.

Every foodie knows a second stomach should be reserved for dessert at CÉ LA VI! If Gordon Ramsay claims “there’s nothing he don’t know about food”, then nobody knows dessert better than Iron Chef winner Jason Licker, who’s the Executive Pastry Chef of CÉ LA VI Group. Firstly, I tried out a very pleasant looking White Chocolate-Junmai Sake Cream, sounds like a delicious East meets West isn’t it? Creating alcohol dessert can be very risky sometimes, this dessert delivered a light sake aroma which surprisingly went very well with the sweetness of white chocolate, oh and with the berries too. An absolutely thirst-quenching delight it is. I wondered where Chef Jason get this inspiration from! Therefore one is defo not enough and I got to try out Mango Mallomar on the special menu only available for a limited period of time. Chef Jason plays a take on of the traditional American Mallomar marshmallow sweet and gave it a little twist by infusing mango and passion fruit gel, lining up marshmallow sweetness and fruit sourness into perfection.

Craving for more? Absolutely!


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