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Essentials mood board


Had an impulse some day to put together this “mood board” with all my Summer favourites and essentials. I am actually been commit to some of them for years and they are still my beloved goodies. Let me introduce them one by one from top to bottom and left to right!

  1. ST. TROPEZ  gradual tan – My favourite self-tanning product so far to help me keep that sun kissed tan when I am too busy and have no time to play with the sun. It is the less “smelly” and greasy one I have tried for all time.
  2. EVE LOM tinted moisturiser SPF 15 – I bought this since last winter and this is one of my favourite tinted moisturiser for sure. Giving my skin the perfect radiance and moist. This is more suitable for my skin during winter but I do use it sometimes during summer when I don’t feel like wearing makeup to go out the sea but the SPF 15 is the ultimate guard for my facial skin to resist the cancerous UV attack yet giving a sheer and natural coverage.
  3. PREMIER facial exfoliating gel – A regular exfoliating step is a must and I love this exfoliating which contains a rich amount of dead sea minerals, musk rose oil and jojoba oil that leaves your skin fully moisturised after.
  4. ESTEE LAUDER advanced night repair mask – This is the true S.O.S. product for me!
  5. RINGS – “Imma single lady~”
  6. LA JOUVENCE rejuvenating eye booster – I got puffy eyes darn easily and this serum gives an instant, right, I mean an immediate boost-up effects. It may not last for a day but this is the lifesaver for one of those mornings.
  7. HERMÈS le jardin – An extraordinary perfume inspired from Oriental gardens which takes your sense to a beautiful yet mysterious Chinese backyard. Loving the natural floral and bamboo smell.
  8. MARC JACOBS sheer up gel – Mmmm I love the not-too-sweet vanilla smell and the natural colour on my lips. New favourite.
  9. CAUDALIE divine oil – I am in love with this oil once I got this from a friend, this is basically suitable for EVERYTHING. I use it when my skin feels dry, after sun or even massage my legs, and it’s applicable on hair too.
  10. AESOP hand balm – I am someone who cannot live without hand balm! That’s perfect if someday Aesop release a pocket size for this amazing good-smell hand balm.
  11. AESOP body cleanse & balm – Got this mini size body cleanse and balm from a friend, this is just the perfect size and carry-on for a summer water occasions. The natural herbal aroma helps to calm and relax my mind, body and soul in a jiffy.
  12. AMIKA movos – Hair styling is my everyday morning routine and I just love this wireless hair styler because it is just amazing! With quality titanium boards that gives a smooth as silk hair styling experience and giving the hair a minimum damage. Now I can just move around yet safe and sound!
  13. GLASSHOUSE triple scented candle – Light up the candle to change your house ambience in a second, but speaking of this I need candle that deliver a strong and lovely scent yet last as long as possible. Glasshouse it is!

Did you find any of your favourites in this mood board? Lemme know xoxo

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