Late arvo beach time solution – THE SWANKER

Late arvo beach time solution


[Gourami tropical bikini, Celiné sunglasses, Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill shower gel and lotion, Clarins after-sun, Banana Boat tanning oil, Aldo embroidery necklace]

Guess all of you knew that although how much you love suntanning you should stay away from that toxic sunlight from 12 noon to 2pm. Not even if you want to get a deep tan skin tone like Naomi Campbell you don’t get the privilege to enjoy deadly sunlight during that 2 hours. I love suntanning which gives me a little sunkissed skin tone which looks healthier and sexier, and I will always smudge on carrot extracted tanning oil with SPF. Enjoy a sunbathing in late arvo would be a good choice if you just want to feel the warmth from the lovely sun and to relax beside a pool/beach with a glass of chilled cocktail, then, you get a chance to wear something pretty fancy like my Gourami bikini but no need to worry about getting a giant ugly tan line. Not to forget your sunnies, of course. Add some of your favourite colourful accessories to match with your swimwear because they make you look good in photos! Last but not the least, take a little shower before you leave the pool if possible because carrying that tanning grease back to your hotel room or car seat is just NOT COOL. After tan caring is a must ladies! Try my favourite Clarins after-tan, or your favourite cooling gel or body moisturizer, just to make sure you give sufficient moist after tanning to keep your skin in nice condition.

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