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Travel finds

IMG_9115It’s too bad that we lost SEPHORA in HK! Although we have many (or may be an exccessive amount of) beauty outlets here in HK, their branding strategies and product merchandising are vary from what SEPHORA has been offering in the US for many years. Was a devil surprise for my recent eat+play+tan trip to Malaysia bumping into SEPHORA Starhill store. Didn’t really plan to do shopping during this relax trip but couldn’t mange to stop by and find some good stuffs. *wink* Got my all time favorite tinted lip treatment from fresh which offers a slightly cheaper price than HK. Was attracted by this Percy & Reed hair care collection on the shelf, trying out a dry conditioner which brings me a spray-and-go instant no-fuss flawless hair before I leave home for any occasions. The best find for this time would be the SEPHORA eye remover swabs. I was first introduced this amazing makeup-bag-must-have by a makeup artist but I never saw one in HK. It is basically a cotton swab filled with eye remover, comes in super handy to sooth your SOS situation. Other than these, also trying out some SEPHORA’s mascara, lipstick and eye shadow crayon.

Do you like to shop at SEPHORA? What’s your most favorite item? Share with me about it!

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